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+372 553 6202

Our company assembles and supplies portable high-precision equipment for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of metal and alloy products and induction heaters:

    • UCI and Leeb hardness testers;
    • A variety of flaw detectors, including Eddy current (EC) flaw detectors;
    • Crack depth meters;
    • Coercitimeters.
    • Induction heaters 

We are fully aware of possible working environment features.
That is why we develop our equipment for comfortable use in a laboratory, polluted production floor air, at the temperatures the scorching summer or northern winter.

Customization is one of our main priorities. That is why the TEQTO products are highly appreciated by the customers in the NDT equipment market.

Our devices are used by the largest manufacturers belonging to a wide range of industries including oil & gas production, energy sector, mechanical engineering, aviation industry, metallurgical industry and many others.

We are focused on portable hardness testers design and production providing simple and quick hardness testing of various products made of steel, cast iron, bronze, brass, copper, aluminium etc. no matter the size, wall thickness or surface properties.

The quality management system in relation to the production of devices complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


    • Prompt diagnostics
    • Experienced specialists
    • All work guaranteed
    • Original components

Our advantages:

    • We are a B2B company;
    • The devices undergo several stages check to meet the quality and safety requirements of our customers;
    • The QMS for instruments and measurement devices, for testing and control meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.
    • Our equipment meets the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union;
    • The user interface of devices is localization-friendly;
    • We provide step-by-step product tutorial videos;
    • We save your money by checking the compliance of all our devices to our customers’ specific requirements and tasks.

We deliver around the world.

Delivery set in the bag
Special bag made of wear-resistant material with convenient fasteners and pockets for safe transportation of equipment and accessories.

Delivery set in the case
Special tightly closing shockproof case made of ABS plastic of IP67 protection class with rubber gasket ensures safe protection of the equipment from dust and moisture.