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+372 553 6202
Purpose of devices:
  • Hardness control of metal products
  • Flaw detectors
  • Detection of defects on metal products
  • Crack depth meters
NDT laboratories
  • Industrial testing of new equipment
  • Quality control of metal products, welded joints, mechanisms and units
  • Assessing the compliance of objects with technical standards
Where do our devices work?
Production workshops
  • Operational control of finished products
  • Monitoring of equipment during operation
  • Quality control of welding
Quality control department
  • Quality control of products
  • Examination of rejected goods and defects of products
  • Assessing the compliance of products with standards
  • Defect search under the insulation layer without stripping
  • Damage depth assessment
  • Control of metal structures
Supply Department
  • Quality control of supplied products
  • Assessing the compliance of products with standards
  • Claiming against suppliers for inadequate quality of products
Training laboratory
  • Studying of properties of metals and alloys
  • Carrying out experiments and researches
  • Gaining experience with non-destructive testing devicess