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Coating thickness gage CT-07

The handheld instrument is intended to measure thickness of painting, galvanic, fireproof and any other nonmagnetic current conducting and current non conducting coatings on the ferromagnetic (steel, pig iron, etc.) bases.

Non-destructive testing of insulating coatings 


  • Measures coating thickness on magnetic bases in a wide range from 2 to 30 000 µm
  • Measures rust thickness on steel including inner tube walls (if special probes are applied)
  • Measures thickness of electrocoating (zinc, chrome, cadmium, silver and other) on magnetic
  • bases (steel, etc.)
  • Both local (in a specific area) and continuous measuring – scanning mode when the operator is
  • enabled to evaluate the distribution of coating over the metal in each scanned point
  • Displays the minimum and the maximum measured values, arithmetic mean value and mean
  • square deviation at the indicator