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Ferrite meter TQ-7

The universal tool for local measuring the ferrite content in the metal of welds, deposited rust-inhibiting coatings and in the base metal of workpieces, parts and finished products made of austenitic and austenitic-ferritic stainless Cr-Ni steels.

Non-destructive testing of products made of metals and alloys


  • Percentage (%) and ferritic number (FN) scales in all measurement range
  • Measurement of the ferrite content according to ISO 8249-2000, DIN EN ISO 17655,
  • ANSI/AWS A4.2M/A4.2 standards
  • Suitable for laboratory and workshop conditions of nuclear and chemical engineering,
  • shipbuilding and other industries for quality control of stainless steels weldings
  • Wide range of transducers for different applications