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Portable magnetic particle flaw detector Teqtoflow-CG15
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Teqtoflow-CG15 portable magnetic particle flaw detector is designed to detect surface and subsurface defects when testing products made of ferromagnetic materials. Incomplete fusion, cracks, and flocks can be identified.

The flaw detector is used to check the structure state, strength and other mechanical properties of various workpieces, metal structures, parts of railway transport, both at the manufacturing and during operation.

Operating principl­e: magnetization of the test object to search for various discontinuities with subsequent demagnetization.

Advantages of Teqtoflow-CG15 flaw detector

  • The low weight of the device is successfully combined with a high output current value
  • AC/DC (rectified half-wave) operating mode allows both circular and longitudinal magnetization of test objects
  • Smooth adjustment of current amplitude
  • Constant current magnetization, impulse current magnetization
  • Direct indication of the magnetizing current amplitude value
  • Flexible adjustment of impulse current, up to single pulse operation mode
  • Automatic demagnetization of test objects
  • Saving settings
  • Automatic overheating protection
  • Connecting different magnetizing devices

Objects of control:

  • Building metal structures
  • Gear wheels
  • Cast parts
  • Castings
  • Forgings

Magnetic particle inspection is a very common non-destructive testing method. A special magnetic powder is required to be applied to the surface under study.

When the control zone is magnetized the highest concentration of magnetic field lines is observed directly above the defect. Magnetized powder particles accumulate in this place and acquire a certain structure. The density of powder particles decreases when moving away from the defect (cracks, discontinuities etc.)

This is followed by a visual interpretation of the indicator lines: the localization, orientation and extent of surface and subsurface defects. The resulting pattern can also be compared with reference samples for magnetic particle inspection.

Teqtoflow-CG15 flaw detector operation advantages

  • Flaw detector is designed in accordance with international standards.
  • Suitable for non-destructive testing of test objects made of ferromagnetic materials in the field conditions as well as in shop and laboratory.
  • Suitable for operating in stationary magnetic particle test benches.
  • Smooth adjustment of current amplitude, constant current magnetization, impulse current magnetization, automatic demagnetization of test objects.
Characteristic Values
Alternative current
Peak AC, not less 1550 А
Effective AC, not less 1100 А
Rectified half-wave current
Peak value, not less 1500 А
Effective value, not less 1050 А
Current adjustment Smooth
Current indication Peak value, 1 A resolution
Current measurement error, no more 10 %
Magnetization current Continuous / intermittent (current-pause)
Intermittent current parameters setting
Current impulse duration 0.02 – 9,98 s, with 0.02 s step
Pause duration 0.02 – 9,98 s, with 0.02 s step
Magnetization time control Manually (button on handle, foot switch, button on main device)
Demagnetization Amplitude-decreasing current
Demagnetization time setting 50 periods
Operating characteristics
Duty cycle at max. power 50 %
Maximum duration of current supply 10 s
Open circuit voltage 3,5 V
Length of high current cable 3 m
High current cable cross section 95 mm²
Power consumption 4 kVA
Power parametersе 230 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
Power cable (3 m length) Removable, waterproof connector
Dimensions (width х height х depth) 224 х 302 х 386 mm
Weight without current cables 22 kg

Basic delivery set:

  1. Main unit
  2. Current cable of 2.5 m length and 95 mm cross section with pistol grip and melt-off electrode
  3. Current cable of 2.5 m length and 95 mm cross section with pistol grip, melt-off electrode and current switch on button
  4. Power cable
  5. Operating manual

Additional accessories:

  • Magnetic coil
  • Current cables, handles
  • Melt-off electrodes made of different metals
  • Non-standard length power cable
  • Current ON/OFF foot switch
  • Custom magnetizing devices
  • Trolley