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Adapter “U4” for hardness tester TQ-4C
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Adapter “U4” for positioning of probe on flat, curved, cylindrical surfaces.

Minimum diameter of controlled item is 4 mm.

Adapter “U4” is purposed for following UCI probes:

  • Probe A (HV5)
  • Probe H (HV1)
  • Probe C (HV10)

Adapter “U4” facilitates measurement of hardness by UCI hardness tester metal items with flat or curved (cylindrical) surface with a diameter at least 4 mm.

Preparation for work:

  1. Unscrew the protective tip from the ultrasonic probe (probes Types A / H / C);
  2. On the thread of the probe screw the head Adapter “U4” with a flat side to work on flat surfaces or a special side with grooves for work on curved surfaces;
  3. Install the probe with Adapter “U4” on the controlled surface;
  4. Perform the measurement as usual.

Adapter “U4” consists of a body with a spring mechanism and a support washer with 2 working sides:

Flat side Specialized side
One side has a flat surface for stable positioning of the UCI probe to control even surface The other side is a specialized surface to control curved items with a diameter from 4 mm

The main material of Adapter “U4” is light but hard and wear-resistant aluminum alloy.

Adapter “U4” — 1 piece