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Probe cable for TQ-4C and TQ-4Combi
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This cable is purposed to connect the electronic unit of the hardness tester TQ-4C with a UCI probe.
Connection cable suitable for probes:
  • Probe A (HV5)
  • Probe H (HV1)
  • Probe C (HV10)
  • Probe K (HV5)
  • Probe AL (HV5)

Length – 100 mm. Connector Lemo-Lemo.

The cable is included in the standard delivery of the UCI Hardness tester TQ-4C. It can also be purchased separately.

The connecting cable is made of wear-resistant material. Provides reliable signal transmission.
The average service life of the connecting cable to the UCI hardness tester TQ-4C >> 100 000 measurements.

If the cable has stopped functioning for some reason, it is easy to replace it.
The connection cable is 100 mm long.

Lemo-Lemo Connectors.
Connecting cable, 100 мм — 1 piece